We begin pre-construction planning from the very first client meeting. From helping define the scope of work and project schedule to providing accurate budget estimates throughout the evolving design process, we are on hand to offer construction solutions before the final design is agreed upon. No effort is spared to find the right way to do things in a cost-efficient manner. From the outset, long lead-time materials are reserved to avoid any delays in fast-track deadlines. By the time a project is ready for construction documents, the groundwork has been laid for an organized and skilled team who will adhere to building management’s rules and time frames and are sensitive to the comfort of neighbors during the process.

Construction & Management

The construction process is a pleasurable interaction between client, architect, designer, and contractor. Adaptations may supplement or adjust the original design. Materials may change. We maintain a flexible approach to prioritization so not a moment is lost in meeting deadlines. Lead times for all materials are carefully considered. Our ability to quickly accommodate any eventuality is one of the reasons we are relied on to consistently meet exacting standards and to solve the most intricate construction issues. Ethical practice and quality control is of paramount importance, and one component of that commitment is maintaining safe, clean and organized job sites.

The firm has built a trusted network of top subcontractors in specialty trades who are devoted to our projects. They share a commitment to the highest standards and, of equal importance, delivering on time and on budget. Our custom shop’s increased square footage offers the added convenience of purchasing, storing, and delivering every tangible product required by all the trades. This assures the most efficient approach to planning, installation, and accommodation of time sensitive deadlines for all project participants.

Clients, architects, and designers know that Michael is personally available to respond to their needs, offer creative problem solving skills, cost-effective solutions, and guaranteed adherence to a smooth transition between phases.

Post Construction

The completion of a home is just as important as any other aspect of the process. A home never ceases to evolve. New ideas and needs may only become evident when the owners move in and begin to live in its environment. Often seasonal needs or small repairs and maintenance work are required. Warranty issues are scheduled and overseen. Comprehensive care guides for all the materials are provided so their beauty and quality can be maintained over time. These are the details that many contractors overlook, but we consider them a vital service and provide them long after project completion, often on the same day. Our client relationships are of vital importance, and endure with continued responsiveness and congenial communication.